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CO2-XPS Foam Board Production Line

上一个产品是:XPS-CO2 extrusion line 下一个产品是:CO2-XPS extrusion line

Chaoli machineery has the advanced production technology, used PolyFR as flame retardants, and CO2 foam instead of HCFC, advanced parallel twin-screw structure, static mixer and heat exchanger structure makes the uniformity of raw materials mixing uniformity, the structure of the bubble is empty get promoted, make the product low density, low cost wider implementation.

Chaoli's XPS extrusion production line with high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency. Free technical guidance, our advanced production technology and rich experience. Spiral structure and production line transmission of scientific design, automatic feeding system, makes the workshop clean. High torque gear transmission, low power consumption. Screw structure effectively, make the raw materials mixing, no dead Angle. The cooling of the professional process design, realized the full uniform cooling, high efficiency.