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Modified EPS Foam Board Production Line

下一个产品是:Modified EPS foam board line

Modified polystyrene foam board production line

Main components: EPS foam coated particle coating machine; automatic vibrating plate cutting machine; PS automatic intermittent advance machine;

Gold plate Features:

1, PLC programmable controller and touch screen imported automatic control loop production process, automatic fault detection.

2, vacuum systems and pneumatic equipment, hydraulic components are well-known brands, to ensure that equipment is running high.

3, the device body of high quality steel welded by aging, sandblasting and other processing, the device increases the overall strength, not deformed expansion force can withstand higher density boards.

4, the device uses rail-mounted sliding door design to prevent cavity deformation device during operation due to the impact caused.

5, within the template level compression systems, real gold plate equipment to effectively improve the adhesion of the plate, porosity and water content.

6, the device cavity using a special stainless steel template, good tensile strength, high vapor permeability and long life.

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